Accessing Area Jobs

Accessing Area Jobs: New Opportunities in Transportation-to-Work Projects in Illinois 


October 4, 2006

Economic changes and recent developments in public policy have created new demands on our transit systems. Many communities, whether urban, suburban or rural are looking for solutions to expand existing transit and transportation services to accommodate routes to work, especially for low income families, as a result of new growth outside of central business districts, the development of jobs away from affordable housing for working families, and the expansion of low wage jobs, particularly in the retail and service industries.

This Report takes a look at what government funding is available to support transportation-to-work projects, such as the Job Access and Reverse Commute program; what has driven the interest in these new services for lowwage workers; and how communities can access these funds and serve as a catalyst to creating new services.

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Topics:Tax and Budget, Workforce/Economic Development, Workforce Development

Tags:Jobs, Transportation, Illinois Economy