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August 18, 2015

….  Morning Shift to Gov. Rauner: Ralph Martire from the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability has ripped your plan and he’s ripped the Democrats’ plan. His criticism of the Dems is that they’re spending money that isn’t there. His criticism of you is that your budget plan relies on over $2 billion in savings from cutting pension benefits that right now does work with the state Constitution. So what do you say when independent sources believe that neither side's proposals are grounded in reality?

Rauner: I believe the point that he has raised is valid. We proposed our budget before the Supreme Court ruled on pension reform. Now that we understand what the court recommends is constitutional and what’s not, we’ve updated our pension reform recommendations, we’ve put that forward in a pension reform bill, and we believe we can save close to $2 billion per year with our pension reform proposal if the legislature would take it up to pass it. And as a result, our proposed budget from last February would only be maybe about a half billion dollars out of balance and that would require some modifications on tax reform. That’s very doable.

We could work that all out with the general assembly if they would negotiate in good faith on reforms. We need term limits, we need redistricting reform, we need real property tax relief and reform. We need those things as part of the budget negotiations so we can get real value for taxpayers and better government that works for the people again.

Source: WBEZ