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September 22, 2016

A commission of state lawmakers has been meeting twice a month to discuss how we can change Illinois' education funding formula.

Though the state is spending more money on education this year than in the past seven years at least, some advocates argue it's still not enough, and the way we spend that money is inequitable.

On Wednesday, Chicago Tonight reported about one particular model, the evidence-based funding model, which is all about how we spend the money. But what's just as important is how we raise the money.

The way some folks have framed it: We need to slice the pie more equitably, but we also need a bigger pie.

This week the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability released a report detailing the economic benefits of investing more in education, but the group also has suggestions for how to pay for it.

And as we mentioned Wednesday, some models could cost the state more than $5 billion beyond what it already spends.

Lawmakers in both parties say they'll likely have to do something that's always been politically unpopular: raise taxes.



Source: WTTW Chicago Tonight